Thirty years dedicated to real estate:
its function and its beauty.

An ever-strengthening attachment to Paris, the "city of light" with all of its charms ; a dedication to maintaining the appearance, quality, and original character of its antique buildings ; thirty years of hard work respecting the spirit and promise of Victor Hugo's inspired words.

More than 400 condominium projects created

The rehabilitation of buildings designated as Historical Monuments.
Large-scale restoration sanctioned by the appropriate building permits and licenses
Moderate-scale restoration
Building construction and market availability

Our primary concerns

Quality in location,
Quality in concept and construction,
Quality in partnership : we've surrounded ourselves with top-notch professionals…from the worlds of finance, law, craftsmanship and building construction.
Our goal is to interweave these diverse skills into a single, creative task force.


A bank deposit guarantees the completion of the project while a qualified professional architect (DPLG) provides a technical description of the work in progress.
"Work damage" insurance
Departments of control, study, coordination and supervision

A priority

Listening to and consulting with the client at each stage of the project until his essential aspirations are realized.

Jean-Claude et Patrick Isoré